Saturday, January 31, 2009

Creating something out of something else...

or making lemonade out of old discarded lemons! It's really rewarding to take an old slab of wood and with a torn piece of scrapbook paper and a photo aged at the edges, to create a neat-looking picture that is far more appealing than a photo in a frame (though it does depend a lot on the subject of the photo :):)!!) Or use the same slab of wood, add a bird's nest, some silk leaves and little birds, and you have a sweet little naturescape that looks real.
For me the reward is not always just in the results, but in the process and in how far out of the box I went to get those results. That's why I tend to avoid premade scrapbooking kits...if it's all there for you and all you do is stick it together, then who actually created it?

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