Saturday, January 31, 2009

Creating something out of something else...

or making lemonade out of old discarded lemons! It's really rewarding to take an old slab of wood and with a torn piece of scrapbook paper and a photo aged at the edges, to create a neat-looking picture that is far more appealing than a photo in a frame (though it does depend a lot on the subject of the photo :):)!!) Or use the same slab of wood, add a bird's nest, some silk leaves and little birds, and you have a sweet little naturescape that looks real.
For me the reward is not always just in the results, but in the process and in how far out of the box I went to get those results. That's why I tend to avoid premade scrapbooking kits...if it's all there for you and all you do is stick it together, then who actually created it?

This is a Harley Davidson clock I made awhile back. I truly love recycling CD's into fun stuff! It is primarily polymer clay on a wood base, with a few scrapbooking embellishments thrown in for good measure!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Even the cover is fun!!

Lots of people love to gives them a release and a way to compose and pour out their thoughts and feelings. Being a bit of a different sort, I find myself drawn more to expressing myself on the OUTSIDE of the journal...personalizing it on the covers.

A cozy corner

I was just thinking today how my crafting corner... not a CRAFT ROOM, you notice, since it is actually my living room...(see the background? Thank Heaven for plastic drawers!!!!)has become my safe haven of sorts. My computer also resides there, so it has become the place I spend most of my at-home time. ( Yes, I do laundry and stuff every so often too!!) But even when my hands are still and no crafting is being done, it is still my favorite place to "comfort zone".